Shinichiro Uchiyama


Dr. Shinichiro Uchiyama graduated from Hokkaido University School of Medicine in 1974, worked as a Research Fellow of Thrombosis Research Laboratory, Mayo Clinic, during 1981-1983, and was Professor and Chairman, Department of Neurology, Tokyo Women’s Medical University until 2014. He is currently Professor of International University of Health and Welfare as well as Director, Center for Brain and Cerebral Vessels, Sanno Hospital and Sanno Medical Center. He is a Fellow of Stroke Council of American Heart Association and European Stroke Organization. He is an Executive Committee Member of Asia Pacific Stroke Conference (Chairman in 2012). He is also an Editorial Board Member of “Stroke” and “Cerebrovascular Diseases”.

Please provide a quote which explains why you are so excited about participating in APSC 2017?: More than 50% of stroke occurs in Asia Pacific region. There are great diversity in ethnicity, culture, and environment between countries in this area. It is extremely important to exchange scientific information for the progress of stroke prevention and treatment, which may make great contribution to the development of world health.