Masatoshi Koga


Masatoshi Koga, MD, PhD is a chief physician of Stroke Care Unit at National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center (NCVC), Osaka, Japan. He trained in a residency program for cerebrovascular diseases at NCVC. He spent 2 years at National Stroke Research Institute in Melbourne as a research fellow to conduct penumbral imaging researches under the supervision of Prof Geoffrey Donnan. His principal research interests include acute stroke treatment and brain imaging using MRI and ultrasound. He is a core member of SAMURAI studies, THAWS trial (tPA treatment for wake-up stroke) and NeCST (a network for clinical stroke trials in Japan).
Where do you see the industry in the next 20 years?: Hopefully, simple, safe and very effective drugs for acute stroke will be invented.
Please provide a quote which explains why you are so excited about participating in APSC 2017?: I am always excited to meet stroke researchers and friends from Asian and Australasian countries at APSC.