Charlotte Cordonnier


Charlotte Cordonnier is a neurologist specialised in stroke medicine with a PhD thesis in Neurosciences. Appointed as Professor of Neurology at the Lille University (France) in 2012, she is the head of the department of Neurology & Stroke centre of the Lille university Hospital.
Her research interests are intracerebral haemorrhages (including microbleeds) both in the setting of stroke and dementia, acute management of stroke, and stroke specificities in women. She is the director of the Lille Haemorrhagic Stroke research program inside the INSERM U1171.

She has been has been elected as vice-president of the European Stroke Organisation in may 2016.

Why are you excited about participating in APSC 2017
Very excited to meet my colleagues from Asia and to discuss with them specificities of cerebral haemorrhagic lesions aong Asian populations.