Amarbayasgalan Ravdan


Position: A counselling neurologist at the State Central First Hospital of Mongolian, Head of Cafedry of Postgraduate training
Educational Records: 1995- 1st grade Doctor of Neurology
1998- Received a Master Degree by the thesis: “the Morbidity of multiple sclerosis and its clinical characteristics in Mongolia” 2005- Clinical professor 2008-PhD 2010-Academic member 2012-Consult grade Doctor of neurology
Employment records:
1982-1984 Doctor of cardiology 1984-Present Doctor of neurology 1995-1999 lecturer at National Medical Universiry 1997-2000 Head of Neurological Cafedry. 1996-2000 Head of Neurological Department 2000-2005 Lecturer doctor 2008-2014 Head of Neurological Department 2009-2017 President of Mongolian Stroke Association
Where do you see the industry in the next 20 years?
We see that incidence of stroke will be decreased by more than 10 percent. In order to do that we will work on survivors of stroke and their family members as active members to fight against stroke.

Why are you excited about participating in APSC 2017?
I am very excited in participating the upcoming conference to represent the Mongolian Stroke Association.